Hugo with the Comic Book Writer - Hugo Comic

Hugo Comics:

Hello, my name is Hugo...

I’m the real dog which these comics are based on. The other guy in the picture is the creator of "Hugo" comics. 

I know… you’re probably thinking NOT ANOTHER DOG COMIC! Well it is another dog comic but I’m not just another dog! I’m intelligent, witty, charismatic and very lovable! 

You may think I’m full of myself and just want to use these dog comic strips as a platform to toot my own horn... let me be more specific. Just because dogs have four paws and a tail, we’re not that much different than the people who feed us! We dogs have rights too and through these comic strips you will learn all about our very existence! “Wow that’s powerful stuff”!

Secondly, some people think that if you don’t own a dog it may be hard to relate to the strips. Well, as a comic book writer, I showed them around to a couple of my dog friends and they all got a good laugh at the very human side of the jokes. So, to all you humans out there... take a step back from that stressed out rigorous life of yours and enjoy dog comic with Hugo Comics!