The Real Hugo - Part 2

By Coleman York | | Categories: About Hugo

It took no more than three minutes to drive over to the veterinary’s office. Without knowing if Hugo was still breathing I ran inside the office screaming like a wild banshee! “My dog ate a tennis ball please save him”! It took only a few seconds for the vet to rush Hugo into the back where they sedated him and began to operate. In the mean time I rushed myself to the hospital where they sewed eight stitches to close the wound in my hand. Just think, Hugo in one hospital and me in another neither of us knowing what the outcome would be and wondering if we would ever see each other alive again. For a moment this heavy sadness spread through my body as I thought Hugo would not make it. I jumped back into the car and rushed back to the vet’s office while thoughts of us playing in the park just hours before kept me feeling positive on Hugo’s recovery. Walking back into the vet’s office I had this feeling like it was me who swallowed the tennis ball as I had this big lump in my throat. The vet came through the door still wearing white gloves and looking like she just came out of a fifteen round boxing match but quickly a smile covered her face as she said “Hugo is OK” he’s going to be just fine! She told me the ball was lodged so far down his throat that she had to use vice grips to pull it out…she wasn’t quite sure how he survived this ordeal but only stated it was a miracle.

Hugo was lucky to overcome this unfortunate mishap but there would be more to follow…

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